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I am Who I am.

I am an artist & director of animation & animator. original from Israel. After 28 years in the US. I am now create & living in japan. On one of  the mountains of Kansai between Osaka & Kobe.

My art has been displayed in several museums and galleries throughout the world. However best known from 1990 starting with the series of works entitled “Faces That Make Money.” The distinctive pieces combine a collage made of real devalued international currency and layers of varnish over which i paints the portraits of modern subjects who have money, make money and spend money. The works are also burned with fire to create a glasslike 3-D surface reminiscent of old world craftsmanship. The end result: The rich and famous  such as Queen Elizabeth – are situated atop such personalities as Bolivar, Leonardo, Lenin and Margaret Thatcher.


  • When i saw-as have my staff - that on top of real money collage, you paint in oil realistic portraits of contemporary people or outline thier form, we sensed of course, uniqueness of art Expression When the layering of money and painting is complete, the work is burnt with fire to create a Glasslike surface reminiscent of oldworld craftship.

  • Dr. Joseph D Ben-Dar

    Chief, Global Technology Group UNDP 1995
  • Undersigned declares that Mr Royi Akavia, is working for and on behalf of MTV Network b,v. in a freelance position of Art Director Special project.

  • Brigitte Mes

    Marketing Manager
  • Thank you so much for the beautiful framed print of the The Geisha by Royi Akavia. I look forward to displaying it for my Embassy colleagues and guests. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  • Caroline Kennedy

    Ambassador the United state of America in Tokyo
  • Money Man. pen and ink Having a donation by artist like your stature

  • Eileen Guggenheim

    Guggenheim Museum
  • I was surprised and exstremely grateful to have received the wonderful and generous gift from you!

  • Shinya Yamnanka

    Nobel Prize Professor and Director,Center for iPS Cell Research and Application (Cira) Kyoto University